Boom Beach Strategy Guide

There’s more to Boom Beach than big guns and bigger explosions. In order to become an absolute lord of war, you’ll need to need to have cunning command of your troops and a ruthless unrelenting desire to obliterate your foe. To get there, you’ll need to have a solid strategy that can prepare you for any battle at anytime. To help you become the next General MacArthur, we’ve compiled a complete and comprehensive guide of Boom Beach Offensive Strategies including tips on attacks and troops.

But when you’re not attacking in Boom Beach, you’re defending your own base from the grips of the enemy. Whether it’s a fearless rush from warriors or blocking an onslaught from zookas, it’ll be up to you to make sure your foe regrets even thinking about stepping foot on your base. With our complete guide on Boom Beach Defense Strategies, you’ll be taught how to properly defend and lay out your base.

Boom Beach Strategies

Boom Beach Offensive Strategies


Boom Beach Offensive Strategies
Our guide on Boom Beach troops will help you get better accustomed to the men and women leading the charge for your army. From their skills and attributes to how to best utilize them in the heat of battle. Read more about Troops.



Boom Beach Offensive Strategies
Are you ready to decimate your foes? If so, it’ll be in your best interest to check out our guide on Boom Beach attacks. From attacking weak spots to brining down your enemies’ best weapons. Read more about Attacks.

Battle Actions:

boom beach battle action
Battle Actions act as secret weapons in Boom Beach. If you really put to your opponents in the ground, check out our Boom Beach guide on Battle Actions! Read more about Battle Actions.



Boom Beach Defense Strategies

Base Defense and Layout:

Boom Beach Defense Strategies
Clueless on how to set up an efficient base? With our our guide on Boom Beach defense and layout, we’ll show you how to make your beach more impenetrable than Fort Knox. Read more about Base Defense.


Boom Beach Defense Strategies
Get to know what type of buildings you can place around your base including your Headquarters and the earth shaking weapons at your disposal. Read more about Buildings.