Boom Beach HQ (Headquarters)

The Headquarters is the heart and soul of your island or base.  Whatever you do, protect your headquarters when you are at battle. If you lose your headquarters in an attack – you will lose everything.   As you progress through the game your headquarters will be upgraded and new features will be unlocked.  This means that you need to have the headquarters heavily protected by buildings, weapons, etc. Make sure that you strategically plant the other building around the headquarters to protect it.


When you upgrade your headquarters, you will be able to unlock new buildings, troops, defense weapons, and more.  Each battle you enter will be increasingly more difficult.  This means that you need to upgrade your defense and troops if you want to continue to play.  The only way to win the battle is to upgrade your headquarters when necessary.

Occasionally before upgrading your headquarters, you may be forced to build other buildings and defense, such as the radar.  If this is the case, do so as soon as possible.  Remember, your headquarters is there to protect your troops and resources, so you want to make sure it is constantly up to date.  Losing all of your resources will set you back, and all of your hard work in those battles will disappear!

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