Boom Beach Gold & Diamonds Cheats

Boom Beach gold and diamond cheats and all of the Boom Beach strategies and cheats you need to get more gold and diamonds! Here you will find all the info you need on how to acquire more gold and diamonds! Boom Beach is one of the hottest new games by developer – Supercell. And is available for iOS and Android devices. And here you will find all the Boom Beach gold and diamond cheats you need!

What Gold & Diamonds do…

Two of the currencies used in the combat, RTS game Boom Beach are gold and diamonds. Boom Beach gold and diamonds will help you advance in the game, train your troops and conquer enemy islands. You definitely need to gather Boom Beach gold and diamonds in order to advance and beat this game. Read our tips to learn and capture these currencies. Good luck!

Players will want to look for opportunities to collect gold. You collect gold by building residences and capturing islands. You can use this gold to research and train troops, cut down trees, remove rocks and explore other islands.

Scan your maps for islands with gold

boom beach gold and diamonds-a

Always scan your map for islands that have a lot of gold as resources. Find and scout this player’s base. If you’re strong enough, you’ll want to raid them.

Slaves will give you gold…

When you conquer an island, formerly enslaved villagers will repay you with gold. This is one way to attain Boom Beach gold and diamonds.

Look for treasure chests!

An easy way to earn gold, is to look for treasure chests which will be scattered throughout the islands. You can reap the rewards without even having to go into battle. Upgrade your radar in order to find more treasure chests, and collect more Boom Beach gold and diamonds.

Statues lead to more gold…

boom-beach statues gold

Building a statue will also lead to more gold. You can never predict how much gold or how many resources you’ll gain when building a statue. If you’re looking to gain more gold, this is a possible way of collecting.

Upgrade your residence…

Another safe way of collecting gold is by upgrading your residences. Collecting more gold with allow to your to explore more islands. This will give you the opportunity to find more Boom Beach gold and diamonds hidden throughout the game.

You start the game with 50 diamonds. You will more than likely use these pretty quickly. You earn more diamonds defending your base, completing achievements and and finding chests filled with Boom Beach gold and diamonds randomly throughout the game.

Having more diamonds can lead to gold…

Diamonds are the most valuable currency in Boom Beach. You can buy anything with them, including other forms of currency. That means you can buy gold, wood, stone and iron.

First and foremost, check your map and your enemy activity log to see if you can claim any rewards in the form of diamonds. This is an easy way to collect diamonds you did not even know you were entitled to.


Get more diamonds this way…

A key way to get diamonds is by completing achievements. These include destroying enemy bases, removing trees and rocks, defending your home base and gaining victory points. You usually have to complete these tasks upwards of 1,000 times in order to be rewarded with varying amounts of diamonds.


Upgrading your vault helps…

In order to hold onto your Boom Beach gold and diamonds, always upgrade your vault. Your vault holds all your resources, including the gold and diamonds.  If enemies attack you, they get these resources, so protect your vault!

Keep checking this page for game updates, tips, cheats, walkthroughs and more. We’ll help you capture all the Boom Beach gold and diamonds you’ll need to keep your troops in shape and expand. Bombs away!