FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Questions about Boom Beach? Take a look below to see the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the game so that you can get up to speed!

What is Boom Beach?

Boom Beach is a strategy game in which you build and command a military base on an island. Your mission is to defend your headquarters against attacks by the Blackguard, an army lead by the evil Lt. Hammerman.

What platforms is Boom Beach available for?

Boom Beach is currently available for most Android and iOS devices. To play Boom Beach on iOS, you must have upgraded to iOS 7 or later. This means that Boom Beach is only playable on the iPhone 4 and newer models, as older models do not support iOS 7.

Is Boom Beach free?

Yes, Boom Beach is free to download and free to play. However, there is the option for players to purchase additional in-game currency, which is available for real money as an In-App Purchase on the App Store.

How do I download Boom Beach?

Boom Beach is available as a free download on the App Store. Our download page has a direct link available that will take you to the Boom Beach page on the App Store, where you can download the game, view screenshots, and read more information.

Download Boom Beach

What are headquarters?

Your headquarters is the centerpiece of your village. If your headquarters is destroyed, you will lose the battle against your enemy and your resources are no longer protected. Your headquarters starts out at level 1, but as you gain experience you will have the option to upgrade your headquarters several times, to a maximum of level 20. The headquarters is also where you can unlock new buildings and upgrades, which become available as it levels up.

What are resources?

Resources make up the in-game currency that is used to construct new buildings, spawn troops, and upgrade your base. There are four main resources in the game, gold, wood, stone, and iron. The fifth resource, diamonds, are the most valuable and can be purchased for real money as an In-App Purchase on the App Store. To learn more about resources in Boom Beach, you can head over to our Boom Beach Resources page.

How can I save my progress?

iOS: The save feature in Boom Beach is linked to Apple’s Game Center app. To add Boom Beach to Game Center, open Game Center on your device and locate Boom Beach under the “Games” tab. When you have found Boom Beach in Game Center, launch Boom Beach from the Game Center app by clicking play. Boom Beach will open and a Game Center banner will appear on the top of the screen, letting you know that your game progress has been linked to your Apple ID.

Android: To save your Boom Beach progress on Android, simply sign into Google+ on the Google+ app on your device. Then open Boom Beach and link your Google+ account by going to in-game settings and pressing the Google+ sign-in button.

Does Boom Beach have a social aspect to the game?

Boom Beach does not have a social aspect such as a friends list or clans/alliances. However, there is an option to battle online against other players with the Player Matchmaking system. With the Player Matchmaking system, you will encounter and battle the bases of other players around the world as you explore more areas. Also, other players will occasionally invade your own base. The Player Matchmaking system evaluates the number of Victory Points that each player has so that players are pitted against someone within range of their own skill level, so that battles are not too easy or too difficult.