Boom Beach Buildings

Boom Beach features many different types of buildings that you will need to load your base up with. In order to dominate you foes, you’re going to have to know each and every ability of each buildings. But fear not, below you’ll find the four main building types and their specific buildings.

Boom Beach Buildings Cheats & Tips


boom beach buildings
The headquarters is the most important building. It serves as your center of operations and to let it fall means you will have lost all hope. Therefore, it is to be protected at all costs. Read more about headquarters.

  • If your enemy sacks your headquarters, it’s game over.
  • Constantly upgrade your HQ as doing so will unlock new features including more buildings.Upgrading your HQ asap will help you maximize your upgrading abilities of other buildings.
  • Every time one of your buildings get destroyed, your HQ receives damage
  • Leaving your HQ unprotected does not aid you in any manner.


boom beach buildings
Defensive buildings are used to defend your base against enemies.

  • Cannons: Cannons fire large caliber shots one target at a time. They make for the perfect foil against tanks and heavy. However, they are less effective against a massive amount of infantry.
  • Boom Cannon: Boom Cannons fire highly powerful shots that can do double damage to tanks. While it’s great against the strongest of armor, it takes a while to reload.
  • Mines: Mines explode when an enemy gets close.
  • Boom Mines: Boom Mines obliterate enemies as their armor piercing blast inflicts double damage to tanks.
  • Machine Gun: Machine Guns spray bullets towards enemies while doing damage to large infantries from close to medium range.
  • Mortars: Mortars are effective from a medium range. Their shells explode and deal damage to all troops.
  • Sniper Tower: Snipers shoot down enemy attackers. They have good range and do decent damage.
  • Flamethrowers: Flamethrowers deal a massive amount of damage at a close range. They are great against a large infantry. Enemies will also burn after being lit up by a flamethrower
  • Rocket Launcher: The Rocket Launcher fires a salvo of rockets from a long distance, however it suffers from a long reload time.
  • Shock Launcher: Shock Launchers can stop rushing warriors and and stun troops.


boom beach buildings
Resource buildings produce and store your resources.

  • Gold Storage: Increases your capacity for gold.
  • Iron Mine: Produces Iron.
  • Iron Storage: Increases your capacity for Iron.
  • Quarry: Produces stone, which is a medium level material.
  • Residence: Produce gold.
  • Sawmill: Produces wood which is a construction material for simple structures.
  • Stone Storage: Increases your capacity for stone.
  • Vault: Stores gold and wood, as well as iron and stone when upgraded. You foes can not steal any resource inside a vault. Vaults also protect 48% of rescues outside of it.
  • Wood Storage: Increases your capacity for storing wood.


boom beach buildings

  • Armory: develop your fighting force here. Improve your troop’s attack, defense, and upgrade your gunboat’s weaponry.
  • Gunboat: provides fire support and supplies to your troops. They will also relay movement orders with flares.
  • Landing Craft: carries a squad of troops for attacks. Upgrade to carry more troops.
  • Outpost: protects your resource base. If this building is destroyed, you will lose your resource base. Resource bases produce shipments that can collect at your home base.
  • Radar: allows you to explore more of the archipelago.
  • Sculptor: creates crystal powered statues that can help the war effort. Every new statue is different and its powers can not be predicted.
  • Statues: each is a work or art and contain powers to aid you.
  • Submarine: can discover underwater treasure. Look for dive locations on your map and send the submarine. Read more about Submarines here>>>