Boom Beach Troops

Boom Beach features six different types of troops that you can utilize for battle dominance. For each type, you’re going to get a varied amount of skills and attributes. There’s a lot to know if you want to obliterate your foes. But don’t worry, below you’ll find everything you need to know about Boom Beach Troops.

Boom Beach Troops Cheats and Tips


boom beach troops
The Riflemen is your first available Boom Beach Troop. They aren’t the most effective bunch but they wear helmets and shoot your enemies with a rifle. They are unlocked at HQ level 1.
Offensive Strategy:

  • Riflemen are best used in large numbers.
  • They are best used to attack cannons and boom cannons since the cannons’ reload time is slow.
  • Since they are weak, it is best to deploy them with Heavies as a shield.
  • Riflemen make for great shields for your tanks.
  • They can not take much damage from mortars, flamethrowers, machine guns and rocket launchers. Basically, they are weak against splash damage.

Defensive Strategy:

  • Position your mortars behind enemy defense or buildings since Riflemen are weak against them.


boom beach troops
The Heavy Troops absorb a ton of damage and still push forward. They will gladly draw attention and will take punch in order to dish a punch out. They are unlocked at HQ level 2.
Offensive Strategy:

  • Since they can take a great deal of damage, deploy Heavy Troops at the start of a battle. Because of this, deploying troops behind the Heavy will greatly aid you. For instance, use the Heavy as a shield in front of Zookas.
  • A Heavy is weak against a cannon.

Defensive Strategy:

  • A Heavy is weak against a cannon, so it may be a good idea to set up snipers and cannons so they can attack Heavies.
  • While mines have little effect on Heavies, boom mines are great for taking them out.


boom beach troops
The Zooka troops are equiped with large rocket launchers which make them great for long range attacks. While a few of them can obliterate an entire base, they themselves can not take much damage. They are unlocked at HQ level 5.
Offensive Strategy:

  • Zookas work great behind a shield of Heavies.
  • When you use many Zookas, it’s best that you take out mortars and machine guns with your gunboat. This is because Zookas are weak against them.
  • Always deploy your Zookas a few seconds after other troops you have deployed. They need to be protected as much as possible so they can attack from long range.
  • Zooka’s range is greater than that of a Flamethrower. A Zooka can dispose of a flamethrower without being attacked by one.

Defensive Strategy:

  • Mortars should be placed behind a group of buildings that have low hit points. This is because while your Zooka is blowing up buildings, your mortars can destroy out the Zookas.
  • Lure Zookas to target other buildings. Then, place mines a bit in front of them. A Zooka should be wiped out by one or two of these.


Equiped with a large crystal hamer, these fast Warriors can bumrush an enemy without fear. When a Warrior attacks a foe with his hammer, he will heal himself. They are unlocked at HQ level 8.
Offensive Strategy:

  • Use the Warrior’s speed to charge through defenses to reach key targets.
  • Warriors are great in large numbers. Look to shock or destroy cannons and snipers with your gunboat. Then use the Warriors to bumrush you opponent’s HQ.
  • A medkit should be used to support Warriors while they are busy attacking the HQ.
  • Deploying Heavies infront of Warriors is also helpful as they will act as a great shield.

Defensive Strategy:

  • Warriors are easily killed by sniper towers, cannons, and boom cannons.
  • Use sniper towers and cannons to cover ground around your HQ. This way you can stand a chance against the Warriors.


boom beach tanks
The Tanks are absolute war machines complete with massive guns and resilient armor. However, its weight means you’ll need extra energy for it to land on a beach. They are unlocked at HQ level 11. Read more about Tanks.
Offensive Strategy:

  • In large numbers and groups, the Tanks are very strong.
  • Use Heavies and Riflemen to support your Tanks against sniper towers and cannons.
  • When using only Tanks as your attack, use flares to stay away from mines and boom mines.
  • Deploy medics behind your Tanks since their healing powers will assist with the Tank’s high health.

Defensive Strategy:

  • Defeat tanks using cannons, boom cannons, and boom mines.


boom beach troops
Forget guns. The Medic is all about saving you and your army’s butt by throwing medkits at them. They are unlocked at level 15.
Offensive Strategy:

  • Medics should be deployed behind other Troops. This way he can’t be easily attacked by defensive buildings.
  • Medics are great when combined with Heavies and Tanks.
  • Do not use Medics with Warriors or Zookas. The Warriors move too fast and Zookas have such low health they will probably already be dead.
  • Deploy two Medics so they can heal each other.

Defensive Strategy:

  • If you attack Heavies and Tanks with cannons and boom cannons, Medics can not heal them fast enough.


grenadier boom beach troops
A new Boom Beach update has created a new type of troops for users. Grenadiers throw grenades at approaching forces. But be careful! Grenadiers are not the most accurate throwers and they can harm friendly troops. Grenadiers can be unlocked at level 16.
Offensive strategy:

  • You should be careful when using Grenadiers, as they can harm your troops. You probably shouldn’t use them with Warriors, as you could end up killing the Warriors with the grenades.
  • Grenadiers make a good offense against Boom Cannons, Flamethrowers, Machine Guns and Sniper Towers — they don’t have to get very close to attack them.
  • Grenadiers and Medics make a good team: Medics can fix any damage that the Grenadiers cause accidentally.

Defensive strategy:

  • Place Mines in front of Sniper Towers to allow the Snipers a chance to pick off the Grenadiers as they approach.
  • If you use Boom Cannons and Rocket Launchers carefully, you’ll be able to pick off the Grenadiers. Only one shot can kill them.
  • Because Grenadiers can cause residual damage where they did not aim, you should not group buildings together.