Boom Beach Tips

1. Scout out the various islands:


  • The first few islands will be fairly easy to beat.  However, once you progress in the game the Blackgaurds will have more weapons and defense that you need to overcome.
  • When choosing your next island to battle, Boom Beach allows you to scout out the location first.  This way you are able to see what weapons they are using (canons, sniper towers, mines, etc.) to help you prepare for battle and take down their headquarters!

2. Choose your troops wisely:


  • The game offers many different troops for you to battle with.  To start you will use Rifleman.  Rifleman can be bought in groups of 5, which will help you to intimidate your enemy.
  • Heavy troops are only bought one at a time.  The Heavy troops are able to battle longer, taking more time for their health meter to decrease.
  • Zookas are the most powerful and will help you to take out the Blackguard’s headquarters more quickly.
  • After scouting out a location or island, come back to your home base and figure out what troops will allow you to do the most damage and help you to defeat them.

3. Keep track of your resources:


  • Make sure you have enough weapons and troops in line before heading into battle. Once you scout the location you will be able to see what weapons you will need to take out their defense buildings and weapons.
  • In the corners of your screen you will be able to see how many troops you still have left (any casualties) and how many more times you can use the weapon you have chosen.

4. Build up your home base:


  • Once you begin accumulating coins, wood, and diamonds you will be able to upgrade your resources at your home base.
  • If you are attacked, you want to make sure that you have the necessary buildings to help protect you.  The Blackguard will come after your headquarters in order to destroy you.

5. Upgrade the most important resources first:


  • To keep your resources safe you want to make sure you have the right buildings in place.  For example, you want to create wood and gold vaults in order to protect your earnings.
  • Also, to keep exploring the island you will need to upgrade your radar to see what is underneath the clouds.
  • The headquarter upgrades are the most important.  The upgrades allow you to unlock new base buildings, which will help protect you against the Blackgaurd.

6. Be prepared to battle:


  • Once you start progressing throughout the levels, you will start to come across islands that have more weapons and buildings to protect them.
  • When you scout locations, be sure to choose the right location, knowing what you will need to beat them.
  • Make sure you are well equipped with boats, troops, and weapons to defeat the Blackgaurd on each island!
  • It may take some time to build up your troop and weapon base but you do not want to rush into battle and get defeated.