Boom Beach Tank Strategy Guide

Boom Beach Tank strategy is a tough thing to get a handle on. Tanks are some of Boom Beach’s most powerful units, but they’re also very fragile in unexpected ways. If you’re interested in fielding an all-tank army, need to defend against one, or just want to know what all the fuss is about, then you’re in the right place! Read on for the ultimate guide to Boom Beach tank strategy.

Boom Beach Tank Strategy

In Boom Beach, tanks can mean the difference between victory and defeat. These long-range attackers deal massive damage from afar, rolling over enemies likes nothing. Of course, you’re not going to get this power for free. Boom Beach tanks are the last offensive unit you’ll unlock in the game. To deploy a Boom Beach tank from your gunboat, you’ll have to pay two battle points. Clearly, Boom Beach tanks aren’t cheap! But they’re definitely worth the cost.

Tanks are also slow, but with that much destructive power, you don’t need much speed. Just use what flares you can to direct your Boom Beach tank army and you’ll be fine. Tanks are great tools for soaking up damage. The traditional gaming term is a “meat shield.” Though Boom Beach tanks are definitely not made of meat, the concept still applies! You can send Boom Beach tanks into the thick of battle to draw enemy fire while your other fighters sneak up elsewhere and destroy the enemy HQ. Riflemen and zooka troops make great Boom Beach tank support.

When attacking with tanks, you need to make sure they steer clear of certain enemies. Boom Beach tanks are weak against Sniper Towers, Cannons, and Boom Cannons. You also don’t want to expose your tanks to mines or Boom Mines, either. Make sure to use your flares to guide your Boom Beach tanks to a safe attack zone.

Boom Beach Tank Defense

Even if you don’t want to use Boom Beach tanks yourself, you need to learn to defend against them. All-tank armies are some of the most popular ones in Boom Beach for obvious reasons. Upgrade your Cannons and Boom cannons to maximum and make sure they’re set up directly in front of your HQ. Layer your beachfront with Boom Mines to repel any invaders, and let your artillery take care of the rest.

Boom Beach Tank Upgrades

To have a good Boom Beach tank army, you need to upgrade these powerhouses as much as you can. Save your resources, because like the tanks themselves, upgrades don’t come cheap! Here are all the stats you need to prepare for the next level in tank warfare.