Boom Beach Submarine Strategy Guide

Boom Beach Submarine dives are tons of fun! If you’ve gotten far enough in Supercell’s great battle game to unlock the Boom Beach submarine, then you’re in luck. Oodles of extra resources and undersea exploration is about to be yours! But you don’t want to go diving half-cocked. Boom Beach submarine strategy is trickier than you might think! To get the most out of your Boom Beach submarine experience, check out our strategy guide below.


Boom Beach Submarine Strategy

The first thing you need to know about Boom Beach submarine strategy is that just having one isn’t enough. No, you don’t need to get two submarines–but you do need to do more research. In order to dive, you also need to have upgraded your radar to level 7. You should have been upgrading your radar already to explore new islands. If you haven’t for some reason, you’ll need to get caught up before you can use your new Boom Beach submarine.

Once you upgrade your radar, some yellow buoys will appear. These are called Dive Sites. You can use your Boom Beach submarine in these locations to collect resources. You can only dive a certain number of times in each location, so you won’t be able to collect all the treasure chests! You’ll have to figure out which ones you want your Boom Beach submarine to bring back to the surface. Deplete your resources as much as you can before you dive to make room for the wood, iron, or gold you could bring back. You don’t want to waste thousands of resources just because you’ve got too much stuff.

The Boom Beach submarine is not an offensive unit right now. We hope that Supercell will release an update to the game with underwater battles and different kinds of fighting, but for now, you can only use your Boom Beach Submarine to scout for resources. With prizes like 26,000 wood or more, though, we’re happy to take what we can get!

Upgrading Your Boom Beach Submarine

To really get the most out of your submarine, though, you’ll need to upgrade it many times over. The most basic submarine can only dive 600 feet. A fully upgraded Boom Beach submarine can dive to 1500 feet. The deeper your sub can dive, the better prizes it can pick up. Since each dive site can only be used a few times, you might want to wait to dive until you have a substantially upgraded submarine. We know that’s boring! But it’ll be worth it when your Boom Beach submarine brings back 5 Life Shards in one outing.

To help you figure out how to budget your resources, here’s a handy guide to Boom Beach submarine upgrade costs.