Boom Beach Battle Actions

In Boom Beach, you can receive Battle Points for attacking beaches. With these points you can create Battle Actions. Battle Actions serve as a tactical or strategical advantage. When you destroy a structure, you receive additional Battle Points. However, every time you use a Battle Action, its cost in Battle Points goes up in its next use.

Boom Beach Battle Actions

Artillery Shells

boom beach battle action
Artillery shells are shot from your gunboat and do damage to defending structures.
Cost First:3
Cost Each Next:+2



  • Artillery Shells can do splash damage to your own troops. So be careful>
  • Artillery Shells can trigger mines and boom mines.
  • Use the splash damage by shooting in-between two or more defensive buildings.


boom beach battle action
With Flares, you can shift your troops over the island to avoid structures like sniper towers and mines. Troops stop whatever they are doing to follow a flare.
Cost First:2
Cost Each Next:+1


  • Flares will last longer after every upgrade.
  • Mark buildings with Flares and your troops will begin attacking it.
  • Flares placed beside mortars and rocker launchers can place your troops in these building’s blind spots.

Med Kits

boom beach battle action
Medkits heal your troops when they are attacking an island.
Cost First:6
Cost Each Next:+3



  • When you fire at a Medkit, it will turn yellow. All troops inside the ring will be healed.
  • Medkits heal more with with every upgrade.
  • Medkits can only work for seconds.
  • Multiple Medkits heal troops faster.

Shock Bomb

boom beach battle action
Shock Bombs are used to stop defensive buildings from attacking your invading troops.
Cost First:7
Cost Each Next:+3



  • Shock Bombs can work against your own troops if they are in the effected area.
  • The more you upgrade a Shock Bomb, the longer the effect will last.


boom beach battle action
The Barrage acts the same as Artillery shells but its splash radius is bigger since it is made up of 15 weaker artilleries.
Cost First:10
Cost Each Next:+6



  • The Barrage is often inaccurate and can do damage to your own troops.
  • Much like artilleries, Barrages can be used to trigger mines and boom mines.
  • The Barrage is great in taking out a large number of defending structures.

Smoke Screen

boom beach battle action
Smoke Screens are used to get your troops to a specific location without being attacked by defensive buildings.
Cost First: 2 Energy
Cost Each Next: +1 Energy



  • Your troops can not attack while they are in a smoke screen.
  • Upgrades create longer smoke screens.
  • Smoke Screens are great for getting your troops to an opponent’s HQ.