Boom Beach Base & Defense Strategy

Creating an efficient and well-manned base is one, if not, the biggest key to having a successful military career in Boom Beach. The fate of your entire operation could depend on the layout of your base, upgrades, and overall strategy. But fear not, we’ll help your base become more secure than Fort Knox with these Boom Beach base building and defensive strategies.


boom beach Base Building and Defensive Strategy

  • Your headquarters is the biggest priority. Your entire operation depends on how you protect that one particular building.
  • Therefore, surround your HQ with as many defensive weapons as possible. This will act as a nice blockade against enemies.
  • Place a flamethrower right beside your HQ, but never allow it to touch your HQ.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, never put a rocket launcher beside your HQ.
  • Placing mines around your HQ. This will prevent warriors from barging their way through.

Defensive Weapons and Buildings

boom beach Base Building and Defensive Strategy
These defensive weapons will act as a propellent to various enemies. Below, we have listed their strengths for each.

  • Rocket Launcher: Zooka, Riflemen
  • Shock Launcher: Warriors, Riflemen
  • Boom Cannon: Tanks, Heavy
  • Flamethrower: Riflemen, Warrior
  • Cannon: Tanks, Heavy, Warrior
  • Mortar: Riflemen, Zooka
  • Machine Gun: Riflemen, Warrior
  • Sniper Towers: Tanks, Heavy, Warrior



boom beach Base Building and Defensive Strategy


  • All of your non-defensive buildings will also serve you greatly as they will contribute to the your overall operation (Lumber, gold, etc)
  • Therefore, you’ll want to put as many defenses around around them as possible. This is important because during a fight, when an enemy destroys one, they receive energy to boost them in battle.
  • With these buildings it is ok to have them touching each other. However, be weary about placing a group of four together.

Base Layouts

boom beach Base Building and Defensive Strategy

Different base layouts are best for different experience levels of the game. Below, well explain some of the best layouts and when your should put them into place.

Dock: A dock base is perfect for when you HQ is at level 1-9. Here, you’ll want to place your HQ close to your docks. You won’t be able to have many defensive buildings, but you will be able to use the few defenses you have very well. While against the dock, you’ll be able to defend yourself well against the only two areas your enemy can battle you from (left and topside).

C Base: Once you reach the medium HQ levels, it will be a good idea to adjust your base to a C type. This is because of the increasingly heavy artillery your opponents will begin to assemble. Here, you’ll need to place your HQ in the center of your base. Place mines around it with your defensive weapons beside it. On the outside, have your economy buildings surround your HQ and weapons in a C shape with the front being open for battle.

Corner: The corner base is great for HQ levels 13-20. Here, you’ll need to place your HQ in the corner of your base and build your weapons and buildings out from it. Place the weapons in front of the HQ, with the economy buildings in front of them. This will serve as a great protection from Smokey Warriors, as it will limit flanking and make it harder for enemies to avoid mines.